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Kevin Daly's blog on the revival effort -- January 2012
- a must read!

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On October 1st and 2nd 2012, special "industry" staged concert readings were held at New York's prestigious York Theatre Company. The effort, funded by funds raised through, was a huge success. The video below was created to publicize that Kickstarter fundraising event.

We are now in the process of contacting producers - "following up" on our successful readings. Since follow-ups cost money also, we are still accepting donations of any amount to help us in this effort. All donors of $25 or more will receive a specially produced CD of the now rare Original Cast Album, audio enhanced for digital quality. This item is available nowhere else.

Did you miss our successful Kickstarter campaign? Here's your chance to still contribute and receive a special reward

Our project closed on January 6, 2012 with a total of $32,215 pledged to our effort to revive Man with a Load of Mischief. It was a great campaign, but it had a cutoff date after which no further pledges could be made. If you would like to join in the effort to bring this classic musical-theater treasure back, you can help by donating directly, on the right.

Why the need for more funding?

As you may know, if a Kickstarter goal is not reached, the entire project is off―all contributions are cancelled. We therefore set our goal at the rock-bottom amount needed to do the staged readings.

Additional funds will help ensure that we reach producers and backers through mailings, publicity, special events, etc.


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Choose any amount you would like to contribute. All donations of $25.00 or more will receive a special CD recording of the Original Cast Album - not available anywhere else!


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Estimated delivery for CD reward 2-4 weeks after donation.

Audience Reactions

“The show far exceeded my expectations. In more than half a century of theatergoing, this was one of the most enjoyable and memorable experiences.” — D. H.

“Artistically/esthetically/intellectually satisfying and entertaining… I brought a friend along on my 2nd ticket. She has had experience with all aspects of Broadway and the theater. She LOVED your play, saying it was amongst the most enjoyable she'd ever seen. She loved the intelligent dialogue and lyrics, the clever, subtle and not-so-subtle sarcastic humor, and agreed entirely with my abbreviated description of the play as ‘unusually intelligent, wonderful fun.’” — M. M.

“Truly a wonderful piece! The music is beautiful, the lyrics clever and the book endearing. Here's to a future run!”
— A. F.

“Loved it! I was particularly mesmerized by Robert Petkoff's performance as the Man. His character has all the best songs, and he certainly put them over. I am now obsessed with the song Come to the Masquerade. I have been listening to the CD quite a bit since Tuesday but have listened to that song more than most. The entire cast was quite charming, and I thought the staged reading was brilliantly directed.”
 — S. L.

“Superb work! LOVED seeing Man with a Load of Mischief! I am playing the CD right now…Congratulations!”
— M. S. M.

“I really enjoyed it – well cast, the acting was first-rate, and the music was lilting and memorable. Kudos!”
 — D.

“After seeing the show, I left the theatre completely in love. It's lasted for days.”
— L.

“Amazing! I hope they succeed in bringing it to a longer time slot.”
— D.

“I've been playing the CD non-stop since getting home last night. It's a delightful score!”
— H. F.